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    Unhappy Unanswered: Runtime code retrieval from db in ASP forms

    hi again,
    i have a problem.The project i m working on allows the user to select a multiple range of values using which final model number is selected, then the entire details along with the model number is to be taken out print as a quotation. Now my boss requires that the application should allow him to take quotation print of multiple models at the same time. For this he has to repeat the entire procedure again. But my problem is that as soon as he repeats the whole procedure again, the old selected values are lost. I m thinking of storing these values into the database and then when he is done with all the model selections, retrieving these values from db and giving a print. But everytime i give a print command, i need to clear out values from the database, so that new values can be stored in it, so that entirely new selection should not mingle with the old ones......Now the main problem is that i dont know how to go ahead with this in coding......I m using ASP for server side scripting and oracle for backend purposes.....May be a procedure can help out.......but I DONT KNOW how to do that..........

    please help me out !!!!!
    pretty long explanation.........but the problem is also very confusing....
    thanx again..........

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    You could store the values in a cookie..

    Maybe I'm not understanding the question, but it sounds like you want to be able to print multiple pages with different values consecutively. Sound right?
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    From my understanding yeah, you could use a cookie, or a session variable that contains an array....

    you could of course use a db but if you have no need for permanent storage then there is no real point....

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