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    Unanswered: Access Security

    OK, so I finally got my login page to work and at least at some minimal level this will secure my db. My question is this though. All someone really has to do is delete the folder that the db is in, so how can I protect the folder that the db is in and still get my shortcuts to work?

    I appreciate you help.

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    I'm supposing here you're using Windows system (note: this works only in nt, w2k and newer versions, and I'm working on non-english windows at work so I try to remember the terms correctly). And you have to have enough rights (Admin?) on the folder to set the rights.

    To prevent anybody from deleting the mdb file you need to set the file rights properly in the windows explorer. Right-click on your access mdb file, choose Properties and then Protection tab. Here you can add or remove users or groups. The place to go is Properties button (I'm not certain but it's the single button above OK and cancel buttons). Here you can modify all users' rights in detailed level.

    Hope this helps.


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