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    Unanswered: Urgent! How to sort report category by my own rules, not alphabetical?

    Hello all,

    I have a report, run from a query, which lists all the current menu items and displays this in a menu-style format. However my problem is this. I have the label 'Category' as a separate, bold entity, and it currently lists the categories, with the appropriate menu items underneath, in alphabetical order:



    However I need to somehow change it so that instead of this, it is in the order that the categories are displayed in their combo boxes on forms; or to actually set it in the report (if possible) to list in this order:


    as any standard restaurant menu would be displayed.

    Is this possible/any suggestions?


    - Grace
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    I would add a level_order field to the table of items and sort the query based on that order

    For example

    Entrees (could have a value of 1(or even 1 - 100) if you wanted a order level within entrees)
    Mains (2(or 200's)
    Deserts(3(or 300's)
    Coffees(4(or 400's)

    Hope it helps

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