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    Unhappy Unanswered: Radio Button Error Plz Help

    I seem to have a problem in my code written in the When_radio_changed
    trigger of a radio group called "TYPE" and the reutn values are set as "w" in one and "r" in the other radio button... and here is the code :
    if :TYPE='r'
    then set_item_property('TEX_P_ID',Visible,'Yes');
    else if :TYPE='w'
    then set_item_property('TEX_P_ID',Visible,'NO');
    end if;
    end if;

    the error i : FRM-41046: invalid parameter used for set_item_propery.
    Can Anyone Help PLease?

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    1) Is VISIBLE a valid property for SET_ITEM_PROPERTY? It may be, but I can't remember for sure. Check the Forms online help.

    2) I do know that 'Yes' and 'NO' are not valid values for the 3rd parameter. You should use PROPERTY_TRUE and PROPERTY_FALSE (note: without quotes).

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