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    Exclamation Unanswered: Prevent Access Database from corruption

    i have database in lan. more than user can have access with their own objects. hence two objects can not be allowed to access the same time.
    but some it gets corrupted. the database size is greater then 50 mb.
    i can't repait the database using built in option.Ms access displayed msgbox "can not be repaired"

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    Try repairing your database with Microsoft's JetComp utility, available at;en-us;295334

    To stop the corruption re-occurring, you should :

    1. Keep the number of concurrent users to an absolute minimum at all times. Write some code to log users out automatically after x minutes of inactivity. There are code samples on the net that will help you achieve this.

    2. Compact the database at the beginning of each day. VERY important.

    3. Do not use Linked or Embedded OLE objects in your database if you don't have to.

    4. Eliminate photos and other images if you are using them on forms

    5. Re-examine your data normalisation and see if you can make the data structure more efficient and simpler. Keep the number of tables to an absolute minimum. Keep the number of data writes to an absolute minimum.

    6. Write some code that will archive "dead" data at regular intervals

    7. Never, ever use database replication. In Access it's appalling and ALWAYS ends up corrupting data (well, in my long experience anyway...and I should point out that this includes databases that I have not written!! )

    ...and so on. Hope this has helped.
    Andy Briggs
    Elmhurst Solutions Limited
    Database Development and Consultancy

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    Access and Multiple Users

    Do you have the tables in a separate database?

    I have built a number of network based databases. The backend is always a separate database, and each user has his/her own copy of the front end (forms etc). Despite multiple users accessing the database simultaneously we had very few corruptions, and when we did have them they always the front end (not too serious).


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