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    Unanswered: Help with access problem :(

    Hey guys, now ive used access before but havent touched it for quite a while and have stumbled across a problem i just cant quite figure out.

    I have 3 tables, one with details of studnets, 1 with details of courses and then one with the students ID and course ID showing the courses they are assigned to. Every student can be assigned to more than one course.

    Now my problem is........i need a data entry form to register a student to a new course, ideally this form needs to show all the courses that the student is studying. Any ideas guys?


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    could you be a bit more specific regarding exactly how you would like this form to function?

    One possiblity would be to bind a form to students, include a combobox that will allow you to navigate to a particular student, then have a subform containing the classes for that individual student.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Simple query output to a formfor the name of student and the use a subform for the course details - and use a add record for the new course



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    Hi, thanks for your help.....unfortunatly i have yet to fix this problem! Does anyone have any examples they could show me? Basically in my student table i have studentID, name, age, address etc. In the courses table i have CourseID, title, credits, room etc. I have a third table which registers the students using StudentID and CourseID.

    My problem is this.......i now wish to create a form to register a new student to a particular course. On this form there should be a subform displaying the courses they are currently studying. So as you scroll through the students the subform changes accordingly.

    I did get it working by having just 2 tables, and having the StudentID and CourseID in the course table......but this would cause alot of redundancy. Im really confuesed as to how to do this? Thanks, i hope someone can help.

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