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    Unanswered: Inserting data into Tables using forms in Oracle

    hey there
    i was having a bit of trouble inserting data into tables in my oracle db.
    i tried doing what others have done and it only worked when i manually typed in the cust_id.
    i want it such that the cust_id is automatically created once the person enter's their data.

    i already have a cust_id_sequence.nextval for the cust_id field.

    i tried the following piece of code:

    insert into customer values
    (:cust_fname, :cust_surname, :cust_city,
    :cust_country, :cust_email, :cust_phone, :cust_address);
    for the register button ie When-Button-Pressed Trigger.

    the problem is that it doesn't create a cust_id for the customer.
    what can i do to solve this problem?

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    you need a before insert trigger on the table that has somthing like

    select cust_id_sequence.nextval into :new.cust_id from dual;
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