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    Unanswered: Number Problems - Newbie

    Hello, im quite new working with Access, so thank you for your time!

    This should be an easy question!

    Im working with a subform, in which i have several work fields. two of them are: "number of problems" "resume of problems". in the resume i have a small description of what are the problems. this could support hundreds of diferent problems, thats why i have the number field.

    My problem is to create a manual autonumber field. Example, when i create a new line with a new problem, the field number should be number = number + 1
    I cant put this to work.
    Thank you.

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    I don't understand your table schema. What do you mean by "create a new line"?

    What do your tables currently have as a structure?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    I have always a blank row in the end of the problems. for an example: when i write a new problem it automaticaly increments a new row.
    it should be something like this:

    Num Resume

    1 Problem description here.

    2 Problem description here.

    3 Blank Line

    My problem is that i want to number the problem descriptions, like it is above. I want a vb code that which time enter a new record (in the blank line) it automaticaly turn to the next number.

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