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    Question Best model for data

    Hi all,

    What is the best way of organizing this data? What are the benefits (in simple terms) and how can I implement these organizations in an opensource database?

    I want to create a database for a series of products, where the relevant data is:

    Product name 1 (Language 1)
    Product name 2 (Language 2)
    Product number
    Product description 1 (Language 1)
    Product description 2 (Language 2)
    Product applications 1 (Lang 1)
    Product applications 2 (Lang 2)
    Product image
    Product specifications (Lang 1)
    Product specifications (Lang 2)
    Product dimensions (Lang 1)
    Product dimensions (Lang 2)
    Further information (Lang 1)
    Further information (Lang 2)

    These may be accompanied by further languages.

    There are several hundred products, and there may be a large number of "miscellaneous" things that need a special category.

    The data is to be published using a parser for QuarkXpress.


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    Product(ProductNumber (PK), ProductImage)

    ProductDetail(ProductNumber (PKFK), LanguageID (PKFK),
    Description, Application, Specifications, Dimensions, Information)

    ProductDetailMisc(ProductNumber (PKFK), LanguageID (PKFK), MiscID (PK),

    Language(LanguageID (PK), LanguageName)

    You have the product master and a row for each language in product detail. You also have a catchall for numerous adhoc entries in product detail misc.

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