i've a db prog to send barcode description to my till,i'ts an old dos prog with a mask where i've to put one by one all my barcodes, it's called brainpos.
every file have a neme like plu.dat and a cpy plu.key.
i've also a readme whit the structure and the code.

this is an abstract:
/* PPOS-DBC Database definition */
/* 20 - 02 - 1998 */
/* Rev. PPOS 8.0 e superiori */
database ppos_db

/* D A T A F I L E S */

data file "plu.dat" contains plu_db;
data file "pluext.dat" contains pluext_db;
data file "aliquote.dat" contains aliquote_db;
data file "modifica.dat" contains modificatori_db;
data file "offerte.dat" contains offerte_db;
data file "clienti.dat" contains clienti_db;
data file "xoffcli.dat" contains xoffcli_db;
data file "tender.dat" contains tender_db;

and also

/* R E C O R D S */

/*** PLU ***/
record plu_db
unique key char acCodPlu[17];
char acDescrPlu[21];
char vcBit; /*
bit 0,1 --> Prezzo Obbligatorio
bit 3,2 --> Max cifre significative sulla moltiplicazione
bit 6,5,4 --> Max moltiplicazioni per PLU
bit 7 --> Stato del PLU
char acPrezzo[5]; /*formato 5 digit base 256 (terminatore escluso)*/
char acTipo[5];
char acHalo[5]; /*formato 5 digit base 256 (terminatore escluso)*/
char acLalo[5]; /*formato 5 digit base 256 (terminatore escluso)*/
char vcBitIvaFlag; /*
bit 7,6,5 --> EAN2
bit 4 --> Prezzo Modificabile
bit 3,2,1,0 --> Indice SLOT nella tabella IVA

somebody said me this was made whit RAIMA db.
My question is if is possible to find some prog to convert or better to import text files or xml or excel or something else whit all the barcodes.