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    Unanswered: ASP Forms

    I have to create a form for one of my friends for his work for a ticket system that shows

    Adult Enter Number
    Concession Enter Number
    Child Enter Number

    Submit Clear

    He wants a serverside script called process.asp to be activated when submit is clicked. It also needs to be validated that one box contains a positive whole number or else "re enter the data" appears on the screen.

    After that another screen appears

    With the Price (adult = 16, concession = 9 and child = 7.5, Quantity form before and the Total for each group (ie. adult) the GST under this (10%) and the total amount due.

    Any Suggestions?

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    Yeah, an asp page (or two if you prefered) could handle this very easily.

    I'd add in client side javascript for the form validation though, rather then validating on the server.

    Actually you could do the whole lot in javascript and it would be a piece of cake.

    Where abouts in Australia are you (I'm guessing Australia due to the GST).

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