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    Unanswered: Paradox 7 installation problem

    I got Win2K Professional installed.
    I tried to install Paradox 7, however, I got an error when running the setup.exe.
    The error is I do not have a enough space at c:\..localsettings\...temp

    I got to Control Panel to change the system variable by setting the TEMP variable pointing to other partition like D:\Test

    Then run the setup.exe and got the same error as it still said my c:\....\TEMP does not have enough space.

    Why it is still pointing to the old path, I checked the system variable is set to another path.

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    Get Win2k SP3/4 and the Application Compatibility Toolkit.

    Then create a link to SETUP.EXE and in its properties set compatibility mode to Win98, then run the link.

    I think this will solve the issue.

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