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    Unanswered: DDE Server Window -- Application Error


    I keep receiving this error when opening a simple report in Access 97. There is no code behind this report, nor a complicated query...

    Furthermore, the message says : "The instruction at 'xxxxxxx'
    referenced memory at 'xxxxxxxx'. The memory could not be 'read'. Click
    on 'OK' to terminate the program"

    Anyone can help me on this one?



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    Maybe someone else has a more sophisticated solution, but when I had a similar problem the only way I could make it go away was to create a new database and import all the objects from my old database.

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    Thx for the swift reply.

    But I already tried this one, didn't help.

    I've found an article in MS KnowledgeBase discussing the problem, yet their solution doesn't work either (at least for me).;en-us;310808

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