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    Question Unanswered: Access or VB with MySql

    Hi All.
    Currently my organization is undergoing restructuring of existing databases. Previously, certain applications were made using FoxPro and other applications were using MS Access. What i am planning to do is migrate everything to mysql, using it as backend. Now my problem is regarding the Front End? Which application to use? Visual Basic or MS Access? What would be more advantageous in terms of performance and future support and consume less time for modifications? I tried to search online but really could not find anything to justify any particular choice. Can anybody plz suggest some idea here or give some reference, which will help me finalize the decision regarding the appropriate front end.

    Thank u all in advance for all your time and efforts.


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    Which do you know better? Access or VB. I think that may be one of the biggest deciding factors here. I know there are some things in Access VBA that VB cant do (or atleast not the same way). As I also know that VB can do alot more because it isnt limited to one program.

    I dont know if that helped any, but I probably would go with VB if I knew it well enough just because I think it probably would give you more functionality.

    Dont take my word for it . I hope you make your decision well.

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