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    Unanswered: Button Labels - PHP on MySQL DB

    Hopefully someone can help.

    I am using an application that has a MySQL database, with PHP as the scripting language. One of the functions of part of the system is calculating pension rights, using a from and to date. When these dates are entered and the save button is selected, a customised Microsoft IE warning message is displayed, asking if the user wants the dates to be calculated, with "OK" and "Cancel" as the options. How can I change (or, more accurately, get someone else to change) the labels to "Yes" and "No" respectively?

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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    As you situation is not that clear to me, am guessing that it's a client side message. The message you are getting is probably from javascript. It would be a confirm box where you will get a message box with this 2 options. There are certain parameters which can be passed as the 3th parameter and you will get the button as u require. But for this you have to look is this really javascript or vbscript (in both there are cetain parameters).


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