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    Question Unanswered: Slow queries

    I'm experiencing awfully slow performance when executing queries using SQL Data Manager or through ODBC.
    I have tried directly on the server but with no noticeable improvement.

    The query joins a couple of tables with group by and some summing, and I never even get a hint that the query is even executing, it's that slow!
    Also I wonder why it doesn't even start to exploit the server's resources, it barely uses a few percent CPU and merely some 700MB memory (out of 2GB).
    I did read about some limitations in memory handling in the 200i, but what about CPU?

    When I import the tables to MS SQL Server (which I'm more used to using) I get the result in seconds without indexing.
    With another query I cannot do this though, as it aborts the import after running for some 8 hours or so. I noticed it copying only a few hundred rows/second.

    Is there some special relational engine or something I have to activate?
    Does it require indexes to run joins?

    Example of query I try to run (somewhat simplified):
    SELECT O.OrderId, O.Row, SUM(O.Cost), SUM(T.Cost)
    FROM OrderRow O INNER JOIN Transaction T 
            ON O.OrderId = T.OrderId AND O.Row = T.Row
    WHERE O.OrderDate >= '20040401'
    GROUP BY O.OrderId, O.Row
    HAVING SUM(O.Cost) <> SUM(T.Cost)
    Thanks for any help!


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    First off, make sure you're using the latest Service Pack and Hot FIxes for the Pervasive engine.
    Second, run a database consistency check (using the Check Database Wizard). Does it pass for the tables you're querying? If not, fix the DDFs or get new ones (if the data is from a third party application).
    Third, use the Query Plan View ( to make sure the query is optimizing properly.
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    It's SP4, which I believe is the latest for 2000i. I think all hotfixes are installed, but am not entirely sure.

    The Check utility returns some errors:
    Index ACS Flag Inconsistency.
    The dictionary index 0 seg 0 indicates Yes
    Data file index 0 seg 0 indicates No
    You got any idea what these means?
    Recreating the DDFs from the 3rd party app does not amend this.

    However, I have noticed that Pervasives query optimizer does not work well with ANSI joins, and it first joins all rows before filtering.
    By using old fashioned joins performance is much better!

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