Hi all,
I'm trying to generate an xml file from a sql query onto Oracle 8.1.7 tables (via PL/SQL procedure).

I have a problem. I read your news on xml file generation.
I have tried to use xmlgen and dbms_xmlquery, but I haven't found a way to set more than one attribute for a node.
For example, I want to have:

<Contract IDContract = 'XXX' IDCustomer = 'YYY'>

But I don't know to to get this.
(Another problem I have is to write the <!DOCTYPE...> tag in the resulting xml file).
Any kind of suggestion on these two problems will be particularly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for any kind of help!


P.S.: if you think I have to choose other package than the above mentioned, please tell me. In the meanwhile I tried to use DBMS_XMLDOM but it works very slowly and it stop whit 'out of memory error'.