We have a problem deploying an Access Project application on our Citrix Metafram farm. The application is written in Access 2002 as an .adp application and then converted to an .ade application for deployment on the farm. It is installed to the following path:
C:\Program Files\[application]\[application].ade
We have ensured that users have read/write access to this directory.
Multiple users are required to run this application concurrently. What happens is that the first user to run the application is fine; second and subsequent users (on the same Citrix server) will get a message saying that the application will be opened in read-only mode.
We have tested this behaviour outside the Citrix environment by running the .adp and .ade files concurrently by more than one user from a network location. We observe the same behaviour.
Short of deploying the .ade file to users' personal directories for their exclusive use, is there any way to avoid this behaviour or is it simply the case that .adp and .ade files do not support concurrent access by multiple users?

Many thanks.

Mark Casson