have I overcomplicated things.....

I need to process some files (with the following extensions .xy, .cc, .aa and.pp) Two of these files are fixed-width so I've created an import specification for them.
What I envisage doing, is:
1.Create folders for each type of extension. The files have the same name - only the extension is different.

Within Access, the user selects the import folder. On clicking the OK button, I loop through the import directory folder(reading the files' extension) and move the files to the correct folder - created above - so that I can rename them to .txt prior to importing them into Access.

After moving the files to their correct directory, import the files into Access using the import specifications.

Because I will be appending these files to their own table(4 of them - one for each file type) I can use the folder from which I'm importing from to know which table to append to.

I think this will work. The idea seems logical but now for some code.....

Thoughts/comments but more importantly any code snippets?

Kind Regards