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    Smile Unanswered: SQL Server 2000: Replication Latency health check

    Hi Everybody,
    Can anybody tell me how to get the number of commands delivered per minute in case of Merge Replication with Publisher and subscribers.
    This way, we can be sure that even if there is a latency (due to high volume transaction processing), replication is in good shape and things will catch up soon.
    Also if there are any other similar measures which can be monitored to make sure that replication is going on fine, it would be great

    Please let me know If anyone has got information on same.

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    Delivery of updates ROWS per second can be seen in EM - Replication Monitor - Merge Agent Column called delivery per Second

    Theres also loads of pre-defined SQL replication monitors in NT Performance Monitor on the SQL Box

    I generally monitor replication the other way round and get notified only when there is something wrong then an alert is fired

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