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    Question Unanswered: Upgrade Informix SE 7.20.UD6 to IDS 9.X

    Our company has been running on the Informix Standard Engine (currently at 7.20.UD6) for the past 15 years on an HP-UX (9000 series) machine. We are ready to upgrade to a new machine, which would include an upgrade to Informix IDS 9.X. Our programs have been developed in a character based environment using the Informix 4gl (RDS) products. We handle approximately 300 users, and have 8 or so fairly robust databases for different independant divisions of our organization...

    What issues, and/or steps might we expect to encounter as we make this, hopefully painless transistion? Our first and primary goal is to provide a seamless transistion to the new system, and then eventually start authoring GUI front ends (thin clients) to run in conjunction with our character based terminals, with our character based (green screens) to eventually go away.

    Any and all input appreciated!

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    1)Make sure you know how to configure Informix Online, it is different from SE

    2) might have to recompile the source code, Are you using c4gl or fglpc right now? If fglpc don't forget to create a new fglpc and a new runner with your custom C functions.

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