We have on our Work Order a place for more than one invoice.
For example:
In January someone puts a down payment of 1000.00 for their job.
So that 1000.00 goes into January sales. This would be invoice one!

Then they start and finish the job 1000.00 goes in April. This goes on invoice two!

I am trying to make a sales report for just april. How can I get it to add just Aprils 1000 and not Januarys 1000.
I have put a parameter in the query I use.
Is Not Null And Between [Forms]![AFrmSalesReport]![BeginningDate] And [Forms]![AFrmSalesReport]![EndingDate]
But I also have it under Invoice 2
So when I run the report both Invoice totals show up for that month. Do I need to do an outer join or something??

Any help would be appreciated!