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    Unanswered: Error Trapping

    I have inherited a large database. It has 50+ forms, many modules etc. My goal is to streamline to a simpler database (it was created by someone w/ no Access experience).

    My question concerns error trapping. I want to record all errors that occur with the forms and code in a table for future review. I have a sub that will do this, I just need to call the sub when an error occurs. As I understand Access XP, error trapping only occurs at the procedural level, so I have to put 'On Error' in every procedure of every form-mucho work (since the original author did not).

    Has anyone come up with a method to trap errors on the module or entire project level? Any suggestions are welcome.


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    If a form does not have any code behind it then you can do error trapping on the form level in the on_error form event. Place your code there. If there is code then every procedure must have an error trapping process. You can use a public sub for the actual code but the call to it must be in the error trapping portion of each sub.

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