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    Unanswered: Backup question: SQL 7.5 vs. SQL 2000

    Wondering if SQL 2000 offers any compression of logical backups vs. no software compression in SQL 7.5. I've been asked to evaluate a 3rd party tool that compresses SQL 7.5 backups nicely, but this tool does not allow concatenating all databases into a single logical device file. I'm thinking I won't recommend the tool if SQL 2000 does compression on the fly as we will be upgrading sometime over the next handful of months.


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    what tool are you referring to? sqllitespeed? and why would you need to append to the device? so that when you really need it you can't find it or it became corrupt and you consequently cannot recover anything?

    sql2k does not compress, but m$ adopted sqllitespeed just for that purpose, as well as because it offers encryption (something that everybody is concerned about nowadays)

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