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    Unanswered: date format

    Hi all,
    Here is a problem on date format since I did out put data set from FM into DBF format.
    For example, there is a person's DOB in FM field wiht date format as 2/18/1965, but if I out put it into DBF format, the DOB automatic changed to 2065-02-18. The system is WinXP and OfficeXP.
    Any suggestion for that?
    Thank you

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    Hello Kai,
    It sounds as though perhaps your data have been entered with two-digit years and are relying on layout formatting to 'interpret the dates for display.

    You might like to try running the export with the option to 'Apply current layout's data formatting to exported data' selected. That should filter the outgoing dates according to the display options of the layout.
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