I think someone already posted a thread concerning the "Tutorial for building J2EE Applications using JBOSS and ECLIPSE"

My question is about the way entitiy beans work.

In http://www.tusc.com.au/tutorial/html/chap5.html (a BMP Bean) we have the following code for getting the Local Interface (Customer Local).

CustomerLocal myCustomer = customerLocalHome.findByUserID(userID);

The query I have is, findByUserID(userID) is a method of the LocalHome Interface.
The classes that will be called through the LocalHome interface like CustomerBean or CustomerBMP (which extends CustomerBean) are returning an object CustomerPK (primary Key). Hence, who is actually making the transformation from the CustomerPK (to the CustomerLocal object, which is actually returned by the LocalHome interface as we see there above.
Where does it take place??
Sorry but I find dificult to understand what is actually happening inside the container.

Thanks very much!