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    Unanswered: killing Excel 2002 silently?


    I have a batch file that queries a database and creates a flat file.
    I want to start Excel, make a graph of the data and save it as an html file. I then want to get out of Excel.

    I want to do this automatically twice daily (eg at midnight).

    I use Scheduled tasks and a macro to start Excel and create the graph. But Excel won't quit so I've set the ask Scheduler to stop Excel after 1 minute.

    Here's the problem ... I get a message saying that Excel has terminated unexpectedly and would I like to send an Error Report to Microsoft?!

    I cannot turn this message off no matter what Service I stop!

    Does anyone have any ideas how I might accomplish my aim?

    thanks very much

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    Have you tried Application.Quit?


    EDIT: Welcome to the Board!

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