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    Exclamation Unanswered: whats happening ??

    hi! Guys ,

    I ran a proc from the sqlplus prompt yesterday evening at 7:00 p.m...

    Its 4:12 p.m today and "I am trying to assess whether the proc
    completed or not" ... "what is the course of action I should take .."

    When I login through the OEM I find that the session is active ...
    I look at the taskmgr and i do not see the session in the applications
    it says " sqlplus not responding" and when it finishes the sqlplus
    session shows up.

    The things that are confusing me ..
    1) the session is not there in taskmgr applications section
    "but there on the desktop"
    the session is there in the processes section of the taskmgr.
    2) the ram for the machine is 1.04gig and the mem usage is showing
    the ram being used is 1.25 gig.
    3) the available ram shows 81MB.
    4) the cpu used shows 51%

    What is happening ??
    What is the course of action I should take ?

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    I'd say you used all RAM that was available (RAM in memory slots) and it was not enough, so you're using virtual memory too (file on the hard disk, actually). Currently, there's 81 MB free.

    51% CPU? It is doing something, obviously. Executing your procedure, maybe? If it is still running, it either deals with a lot of data, or it wasn't optimized (not well written, that is).

    What to do? Kill the process if you think it's not doing any good.

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