Using JDBC Tiger Rowset (April 7 release)...

Have tested "exporting" data from DB2 via the Rowset implementation from Sun (Tiger) and can print relational data to an XML document. Imagine that this exported data is compairable a set to "exported" records which will be "imported" into an similar table structure.

Reading XML documents back into a WebRowSet isn't a problem either. But I want to "import" data into DB2, not synchronize potential changes to the cached row set while disconnected from the database (which I believe is the intent of CachedRowSet objects). Unfortunately there is no JDBC (that I know of) construct which allows individual rows to be pulled from the WebRowSet and inserted/updated via a Statement (inherited object) into the database. What I want to avoid is having to pull individual column elements into Java objects then create a prepared statement and execute an update. Simply looking for a "pull row", "put automatically into a statement object", and "allow me to run executeUpdate/executeInsert".

Maybe I need to right a synchronize provide object to handle "importing". But I doubt this is even meaningfull since I need edit the cached WebRowSet saved to a file.

Any suggestions? Please ask for further clarity if needed.

thanks - Matthew Young