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    Unanswered: Basic Access Question

    First of all forgive the basicness of this question, I don't have cause to use access very often.

    I have a database of employees, it's a single table with all the normal info.

    I have created a data access page which has on it, a listbox and then various labels for name, phone, www etc.

    The list box is populated from a column in the table called full name. I want a user to be able to click on the full name in the list box and have the labels on the page change to that persons/records details.

    Can anyone give me a code sample of how to acheive this?

    It would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance


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    Use the on event properites of the combo box to "after update" run macro
    (or vb code)

    in the marco:

    where> [name]=[forms]![yourform]![combo??]

    every time you change the combo box the data visible on the form will change to show the required record.



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