I am looking for a few suggestions on what might be wrong with pulling information from a database using an SQL server.

I'm no expert but here goes

Using win2000 platform (LAN network connection 2.4g/40g/256 ram PC) I've set up an ODBC data source on my machine which is another database I want to pull data from. I'm using the SQL server that that database uses to gather it's information from a network.

This set-up was running fine and I was able to pull 1M + rows of data with no problem. Something has happened of late which results in the query hanging. I adjusted the query time out option in Access from the standard 60 seconds to 240 seconds as the query was timing out.

I've had someone check the CPU for the database I am pulling from when I start running my query and there is activity for about 60 seconds then almost nothing.

When I run a standard query (not make table etc) the table does appear but never gets to the end (3hours+) - if you start scrolling down it starts hanging and the total number of records does not appear

I've tried bumping up the connection pooling to 720 seconds and changed the re-try time but there is no change - can anyone help?