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    Question Unanswered: SQL Webpage with Access DB

    Hi, can anybody help, i need to be able to access information from my database via a webpage, i havent made this yet simply because i dont know how to. I do know SQL and i know theres a way of putting it onto a webpage i just dont know how? Can anybody point me in the right direciton???


    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Is it as simple as typing it in the HTML seciton of Frontpage converting the variables in to Boxes for the user to write in them??

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    Okay to access a database using a webpage...

    You have to number one have the database accessible from the web. I do not think you can use just html + sql to Access a database. If you can please let me know.

    I currently use ColdFusion. You can use PHP or ASP among other things. The thing you always have to do is register the database with the server software.

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