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    Unanswered: Leaving my subform

    I need to find some code that would make this procecss easy.
    I have a form (WorkOrder) with a subform (FloorType). I use tab order which works fine into my subform (It is continious, not a datasheet). I then try to exit or tab out and it will not go out. Is there code i can write to get me out. For example lets say I enter text in amount, unit of measurement, Floor type and then I go to the next blank row and go to Floor Type and exit back into my form.

    Amount UOM Floor Type
    1300 SF MMA SL TF AO
    364 LF Coves
    15 Bags SL FIller
    (Empty) (Empty) (Empty)

    When I get to the last empty under floor type, it just cycles back through the empty cells.
    I need some code if that last cell is empty take me back out to the form I was in!


    Gotta to do some code

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    tabbing is difficult with subforms.

    Manually, Ctl + tab is the way to get out.

    programmatically - you could have an event, on exit that would be something like the following. You'd have to play with the syntax

    if isnull(me.txtControlA) then
    end if

    where txtControlA is the control they are tabbing out of and txtControlB is the control they are tabbing to.
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