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    Unanswered: Date format problems XP

    I have a format problem when uploading a text file into access> whenever the day number is below thirteen it flips the month and the date around.

    So the third of may supposed, to be 03-05-2004 becomes 05-03-2004 However the thirtheenth of may, supposed to be 13-05-2004 stays 13-05-2004. (this is by the way the dutch way of putting down a date)

    Anyone suggestions??
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    While I can't offer a solution, I can offer an explanation...

    Obviously this is the US date format at work - because there are 12 months in a year, the US format keeps your date as-is, but when it goes above that, then it assumes you've made a mistake and switches accordingly.

    Frekster22 was having the same problem - he's Australian and so instead of having 12/4/04 for 12 April, Access put in 4/12/04.

    I've heard that it's related to time settings on the computer, and it could depend on the version. But keep trying and maybe read the Help files, they may offer a solution for it.

    Good luck


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