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    Hi All.
    I found an AutoUpdater database while searching online which automatically updates your older version FE (Front End) with the newer version FE. This is very useful with split databases so that if u have made any changes to the master FE, you dont have to copy those changes manually on each client m/c, rather the Autoupdater does it automatically for you. Now my question is, what happens if at a particular location, I have multiple FEs? This is the current scenario in my company. We cater to several clients for Engineering projects and some clients have their own requirements, so we have a seperate master FE for them to print their own requested format reports. (BE is common). It seems that the Autoupdater allows you to update just one FE at a time. How can I go for multiple FEs? I am attaching the Autoupdater.mdb as a zip file. Can somebody plz have a look at it and guide me on the right track? Thanks in advance for all your time and efforts.

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