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Thread: High water mark

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    Question Unanswered: High water mark

    AIX 5.2 DB2 8.1.4

    I have a problem with removing a surplus container from one
    of my tablespaces - the application insists that I don't have
    enough space in the rest of my containers to do this.
    This rides on the high water mark variable which is well above
    my current usage of the tablespace.
    Is there any way to reset this variabe or to make it understand
    that the new high water mark equals the current total population
    in the tablespace?

    Kristian K. Hansen
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    National Board of Health

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    I believe the only way to reclaim the space is to do a REORG on the tables.

    I tried a quick test where I filled a table, deleted all rows, then tried to drop a container and it failed:
    SQL20170N There is not enough space in the table space "MYTBSPACE" for the
    specified action. SQLSTATE=57059

    When I did the REORG on that table, the command succeeded.
    Jonathan Petruk
    DB2 Database Consultant

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    use db2dart to find the high water mark.I forget , but you can check it db2dart also help you to decrease the high water mark only if there are drop objects at the end of high water mark.
    deleting of records don't decrease the HWM, reorg is the option.



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