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    Unanswered: listener.ora and Fail Safe

    hello everybody,
    i have two microsoft2000 advanced server in a cluster with a shared RAID5 storage. i have installede Oracle 9i on both the servers setting the Oracle Home on the local disks and the database on the shared disk. i mean, i created the db for the node A on E:\oradata (where E is the shared disk), then i've renamed oradata->oradata_old, then i've created the SAME instance on the node B, i 've removed the oradata dir created by the second installation and renamed oradata_old->oradata again.
    Now the two instance are correctly working, depending on which node is the owner of the shared disk.
    i've installed FailSafe 3.2 on both nodes and i'm trying to configure a new Group for my db. I made the group and i created the virtual ip. now i'm trying to add the database resource but this is what i get when i try to verify my standalone db:

    FS-10052 Failed to open Oracle Net configuration file %s
    Cause: Cannot open the listener.ora or tnsnames.ora file.
    Action: Check that the Oracle Net configuration file exists on the system.
    FS-10579 Failed to perform default listener check
    Cause: Failed to perform the default listener check.
    Action: Check the secondary error.
    FS-10177 No DLL file for the NL parser can be loaded
    Cause: None of the DLL files for the NL parser can be loaded.
    Action: Check the Oracle Fail Safe Installation Guide.
    FS-10179 Problem related to the DLL file for the NL parser encountered when
    opening file %s
    Cause: The specified file cannot be opened due to a secondary error.
    Action: See the secondary errors.

    i followed every step or the Installation Guide and Fail Safe tutorial and i can't find anything wrong!!!
    it seems as if FailSafe can't find or open the listener.ora, but it's in the standard position in the OracleHome and when i startup the db from Enterprise Manager, it works properly.

    any hint?!

    than you very much!


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    For Windows NT and Windows 2000 where Real Application Clusters Guard I installation information is in the Real Application Clusters Guard I document on the Fail Safe/Real Application Clusters Guard software CD-ROM.
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    Thank you but.... what's the relation between RAC and FailSafe? i mean, i don't need to install RAC, only File Safe to make a oracle db work in a MSCS cluster.

    one thing i can't understand: am i supposed to install my db on both the cluster nodes (Oracle service on node A, Oracle service on node B and dtafiles, control files, etc... on the shared disk) or it's enough to have one only standalone instance on node A and let fail safe to build the needed services on the whole cluster?

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    you may be upgrade your oracle in any node?
    if it is ,I may be help you

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    you should upgrade your oracle in both oracle.

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