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    Unanswered: Access 2003 Form Problems

    Odd scenario that should be very simple. I was running a Access 2000 database and we recently upgraded to Access 2003. No my main form does not seem to filter correctly. All of the sub-forms work properly. Whenever I press filter by form and then imput my info, I click apply filter and my filter buttons grey out and then nothing filters. What am I forgetting?


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    More info?

    Stumped? Or do you just need a little more detailed explanation?

    1. I click on filter by form and imput my value. (lets say the customers last name)

    2. I click apply filter and the filter buttons grey out, although I can still edit the filter.

    3. I click advanced filter, and then apply filter, and it all works perfectly.

    What is going on? The form is made up of two unlinked subforms. Is this a part of the problem? Why didn't it affect it during Access 2000?

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