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    Unanswered: can't start sqlplus after 10g installation

    Hi ,

    I am new to Oracle, and kind of new to Solaris too. This is my problem:

    I have Oracle 9.2 client installed on this Sun Solaris machine (no database), which points to another Sun Solaris machine (10g database). My customer wants a 10g clients on the first machine, so I installed on it (custom installation->Net Services installed).

    Afterward, I have change the $ORACLE_HOME path for the first machine as well as adding a tnsnames.ora in the $ORACLE_HOME\network\admin directory as directed.

    However, now that I want to start Oracle (su - oracle, then sqlplus). it is saying to me that (ksh: sqlplus: not found). I am sure it worked before installation (the 9.2 client).

    Thanks you.

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    echo $PATH
    PATH environmental variable does not contain any directory where sqlplus resides.
    Most likely "oracle" environment is not close to what is required.

    It is time to RTFM

    to learn how to setup a Solaris system correctly.
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    it works after reinstallation. thx

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