Here's a problem I'm having:

Have a report spit out expiring contracts at 30-day intervals.
I have a report with the customer name etc and columns of 30-day intervals. I would like to have contracts, identified by their unique ID, falling into one of the "buckets" when the report is run.

How currently set up:
The report runs off of a crosstab query that has a Partition function. Most fields are Total: Group By and Criteria: Row Heading. The exceptions are: (1) the calculated Partition which is Group By/Column Heading, and (2) the Contract ID which is Total: First/Crosstab:Value.

The trouble is, the report cannot dynamically pick up what the query outputs and create a field in the Detail section under an appropriate column heading (ie, day interval). I cannot set up a bound field because the query fields don't exist until run. I would need to have an unbound field pointing to an appropriate Day-interval field in the query.

Has anyone worked on a similar problem?