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    Unanswered: Oracle field names displaying instead of caption name from qry

    Access: 2000 (built on a network drive)
    Oracle: 8i (Use password to look at information only and resides on another server)

    I have an Access database that has linked tables to an Oracle database. From the tables, I have developed several query's in Access to pull info that I need to merge into a Word document for automation of letters for our business process. After runing the query's several times to make sure I get the correct information back, I then right clicked, on each Oracle field name, and selected properties to place the correct title of the field name (one that my admin staff would understand) in the caption. I ran the query again and everthing seemed fine on the datasheet view.

    I went to another users computer, a person who knows how to merge Access with Word, to see how the field names would come up. After the merge takes place, you get a drop down menu of field names to select from. The field names to select comes from the query I built and they came up the original field name from Oracle. I went back to my pc to see what happed and re-ran the query and I got the Oracle field names instead of the captions. I thought that I might not have saved the captions from the query, but I did and each caption was there just not displayed on the datasheet view.

    Now, is there any way to get the caption to display correctly in the datasheet view with out re-building the query and can the merge in Word use those captions instead of the field names from Oracle?

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    You can rename the output fields of the query. Change oracle_field_name to desired_field_name:[table_name]![oracle_field_name] in the Field row of the query's design view.

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