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    Unanswered: Problem executing stored procedure after transfer to different machine (PUT ROUTINE)

    Hi, first of all my skills with DB2 are quite low level so propably there is some simple solution to this that I havent just figured out

    I have developed stored procedure in my own machine (Windows XP) and it's working just fine in my machine. Then I would like to transfer the compiled stored procedure to development server (Windows 2003), DB2 version is 8.1.4 on both machines. I have done the transfer using GET ROUTINE / PUT ROUTINE and apparently it went fine (no error messages FROM PUT routine command on development server).

    But now when I try to execute the stored procedure in development server it gives the following error message (stored procedure name is SET_PARTNER_STATE):

    [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL0444N Routine "*ER_STATE" (specific name
    "SQL040525082840954") is implemented with code in library or path
    "...proc\DB_PROJECT\SCHEMA1\P6214173", function "pgsjmp" which
    cannot be accessed. Reason code:"4".

    Any ideas how to get the stored procedure working in development server ?


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    hmmm ... I don't think you can develop on XP and transfer it to Windows 2003 ..
    Have you tried deploying the extracted routines to another XP database and confirm that the extracted routines were indeed errorfree

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    GET ROUTINE and PUT ROUTINE works only when both the databases are on machines having same operating system thats why your procedure is not working

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    So it's that strict about the operating system where the stored procedure has been compiled. I thinked first that the restriction is only like Windows<-->Unix<-->etc. not also like between different versions of Windows OS.

    Well it seem's that I then should install the C compiler also in development server

    Thanks for clarification.

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    Lightbulb You need msvcr.dll or msvcr71.dll

    I don't think so. You need copy msvcr.dll (if you built with MS VC++ 6) or msvcr70.dll (if you built with ms VC++ 7.0), msvcr71.dll (if you built with MS VC++ 7.1).

    Ngoc Binh

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