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    Unanswered: how can i

    hi ,all
    i have a questoin fro you ,please help me
    how can i get the return value in pb7.0 from a sp of sybase
    thanks for any help!

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    declare a RPC function in your transaction object :
    in the "local external function" definition script, right click, find in the menu 'Paste special/SQL/Remote Stored Procedure(s)' and choose your sp.

    afterward, you have severals possibilities :
    - use the sp's return value (for an integer only)
    - use an output variable (much nicer...)

    beware of the type powerbuilder use (for bit in sybase for instance, powerbuilder chooses string in pb, but you can change it in integer if you want)

    the line of a RPC looks like :
    function long yourSP(type var,ref type refVar,...) RPCFUNC ALIAS FOR "[owner].yourSP"

    in the code, you call it like an ordinary function :

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    thank you very much!

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