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    Unanswered: Remote connection problem


    i've installed the sybase 11-9.2 on a linux PC and i want
    to connect to this server from a windows PC.
    i've already installed the Sybase Open Client. but
    i can't connect to the sybase server.

    i've made the needed configuration on sql.ini. the error
    message is:
    internal library error: Net-Lib protocol driver call to
    connect two endpoints failed.

    Remark: i can ping to the remote linux PC, the port number is right
    and the remote Database server is running (i can connect from
    the local PC using isql command line).

    after a first analysis of the problem i have, i can say
    that the problem is related to the ASE configuration.
    this is due to the fact : i can't connect to ASE Linux server
    from another linux server using the isql command line (i've
    added the needed entries to the interfaces file).

    can anyone give me the needed ASE server configuration
    to allow the remote access?

    thanks in advence.


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    the problem is due to the definition of the sybase
    placeholder in the interfaces file (under $SYBASE folder).

    i've defined the query and the master entries as follow:

    tcp ether Host_Name port_number

    with this definition i can't access the sybase remotly.

    and when using

    tcp ether IP_Address port_number

    i can access the Sybase remotly.

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