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    Unanswered: Dinamic Procedure !

    I wanna know if I can create a dinamic type and ref cursor in a plsql block to know if I'm able to create a generic procedure like this:

    --I'd like to use any other table instead of dept

    -- Declare the PL/SQL table
    type deptarr is table of dept%rowtype
    index by binary_integer;
    d_arr deptarr;

    -- Declare cursor
    type d_cur is ref cursor return dept%rowtype;
    c1 d_cur;

    i number := 1;
    -- Populate the PL/SQL table from the cursor
    open c1 for select * from dept;
    exit when c1%NOTFOUND;
    fetch c1 into d_arr(i);
    i := i+1;
    end loop;
    close c1;

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    To use another table, instead of dept, you simply "open" your cursor with a string instead of the actual SQL... for instance:

    sqlStatement := 'SELECT * FROM ' || theTable;

    OPEN c1 FOR sqlStatement;

    As far as how you are returning values into the values, fetching into an array won't work the way I think you expect... The way written (by the way is syntactically incorrect), it would return all the rows into the array, not the columns. To get all of the columns, you would have to declare a record type like this:

    c1_record dept%ROWTYPE;


    FETCH c1 INTO c1_record;

    then you could reference values like this:


    Hope this helps!


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    Yes Sure, But I mean, I want to CREATE the TYPE dinamic, I mean, when I wan to declare: type d_cur is ref cursor return parameter1%rowtype;
    type deptarr is table of parameter1%rowtype

    where parameter1 is a parameter recibed from the user.

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