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    Unanswered: How to find out uncommited transaction?


    We are running java applications which uses DB2 as the data store.
    But sometimes we get the following exception:

    2004-04-25 22:51:39,478 FATAL [VBJ ThreadPool Worker]
    vice (?:?) - JavaException: Error 11070 Collaboration exception at
    step 3 in VBJ
    ThreadPool Workerjava.lang.Object@692a4004CxCom...t@6954c004.mai
    n:, Error 11070 Java exception [IBM][
    CLI Driver][DB2/6000] SQL0964C The transaction log for the database
    is full. S

    at QLException(SQLExce Code))
    at QLException(SQLExce Compiled Code))
    at eturn_code(SQLExcep Code))

    It seems that the problem is caused by some uncommitted transactions.
    For DB2, how to find out which SQL command is not committed? Thanks a

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    The problem is not in an uncommitted transaction by itself; it is in a transaction that updates a lot of rows before committing.

    You would need to take a series of application snapshots while your suspect transactions are running. At your database server issue:

    db2 attact to <node name>
    db2 update monitor switches using statement on uow on table on

    and then few times:

    db2 get snapshot for applications on <your db name>

    Look at the number of rows inserted/updated/written and at the uow log usage. This should give you an idea.

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