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    Unanswered: Print Log for Access 2000

    Using Access 2000, I want to add a note to certain records of my database when they are printed so that duplicate prints are not made. Also serves as a log to say 'well, you printed that on...'. I have code that does this, and works fine, but *when* to run it is the issue.

    I know about the onPrint event, but it fires when the report is previewed also. I want the users to be able to preview the report, but only add the timestamp to the records the report is based on if they are *really* printed. I can't find an event for that.

    I did a long search of the Internet, and I did find a knowledge Base article (154894) that does *exactly* what I want, but it is for Access 97 and older, but it doesn't sem to work properly in 2000 (or the way I implemented it!)

    Any ideas? Thanks,

    Anthony J. Kroes

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    You may have to write a custome function to print it and right in their you can time stamp it. You can call this function from one of your custom report's menu.

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