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    Unanswered: How to calculate OrderTotal in Form?

    I want to calculate “OrderTotal” by multiplying “Price” by “Quantity” minus “DiscountPercentage”

    OrderTotal = (Price*Quantity)-DiscountPercentage

    -- Price is already populated in the form and is a text box.
    -- Quantity will be filled out by salesrep. (Should it be text box or unbound?)
    -- DiscountPercentage will be filled out by salesrep as well and should be from 1 to 20. (Should it be a text box or unbound?)

    How do I do this?

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing the knowledge.

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    Thumbs down Replying to my own post!

    Didnt' get any response at all. However, I made some progress on my own:-)

    I almost works. Maybe this time somebody would post an answer.

    Private Sub Quantity_AfterUpdate()
    OrderTotal.Value = Nz(Me.Price.Column(1, Me.Price.ListIndex), 0) * Quantity.Value
    End Sub

    When I use this the same OrderTotal appears on all the records.
    How can I correct it?


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