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    Question Unanswered: Index Creation During LOAD In UDB ESE w/DPF (aka EEE)

    Since the LOAD runs external to the database and it builds the indexes externally, does the LOAD use any containers (be it from the coordinator node or any other node) such as TEMP tablespace?

    The reason that I ask is that it seem sthat the build index phase seems to be taking more time than we'd expect.

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    During the Build phase ,indexes are created on the index keys that were
    collected and sorted duing the load phase.The using directory clause should
    be used because the default sort path is sqllib/tmp.

    for load you can use the db2split command to create many split files.
    then use that files at that partition, performance is better in that case.



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    Perhaps you could elaborate on where you know about sqllib/tmp for the sort?

    What I have found in the Data Movement Utilities pdf is:

    ALLOW READ ACCESS also supports the following modifiers:
    USE tablespace-name
    If the indexes are being rebuilt, a shadow copy of the index is
    built in table space tablespace-name and copied over to the
    original tablespace at the end of the load during an INDEX
    COPY PHASE. Only system temporary table spaces can be
    used with this option. If not specified then the shadow index
    will be created in the same table space as the index object. If
    the shadow copy is created in the same table space as the
    index object, the copy of the shadow index object over the old
    index object is instantaneous. If the shadow copy is in a
    different table space from the index object a physical copy is
    performed. This could involve considerable I/O and time. The
    copy happens while the table is offline at the end of a load
    during the INDEX COPY PHASE.
    Without this option the shadow index is built in the same
    table space as the original. Since both the original index and
    shadow index by default reside in the same table space
    simultaneously, there may be insufficient space to hold both
    indexes within one table space. Using this option ensures that
    you retain enough table space for the indexes.
    This option is ignored if the user does not specify INDEXING
    option will also be ignored if INDEXING MODE
    AUTOSELECT is chosen and load chooses to incrementally
    update the index.

    I am also not specifying ALLOW READ ACCESS and I am issuing a LOAD ... REPLACE with indexes being auto-rebuilt and I'm gathering statistics.


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