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    Exclamation Unanswered: Update Current Record

    My Query is updating the entire table. I would like it to update the current record [CQI#] on the form [frmCQIsearch]:

    DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE tblCQIdata SET [DiffDateClosedCust] = DateDiff('d',[Date],[Date Closed-Customer]), [DiffClosedCustClosed] = DateDiff('d',[Date Closed-Customer],[Date Closed])WHERE [CQI#] = " & Me![CQI#].Value& " "
    Any thoughts...HELP!
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    You might need to define the problem more precisely to get a better answer.

    My guess is that you are getting messages about the record being changed since you are changing the underlying record in the table but the form has no idea that *you* are doing it, instead of some other person in a multi-user database. If the form controls are bound then you need to change the values on the form, then save the form (RunCommand SaveRecord) in order to save the values to the bound record. If you want to do it the other way around you need a Refresh or a Requery so that the form will display the new data.

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    I have a similar problem (I think). I have a form that filters from another form i.e . job title to job title. The problem is when the new job title is entered the main form is not updated.

    How does the Requery work?

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